About Us

Design Philosophy

Personlized, Dedicated Service

ADG takes great pride in providing personalized service structured to meet the client’s needs. Providing accurate cost projections, creative and unique ideas, and timely responses, while striving to save time and money for the client, is paramount to ADG’s success. At ADG, our relationships are based on communication and trust, which allows for unyielding participation and prompt decision-making.


Maximizing Project Efficiency

During this age of sustainability, ADG utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Green Building Studio to design and build projects that concentrate on saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving indoor environmental quality. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), ADG ensures that their projects, clients, and office are as environmentally efficient as possible.

Quality Insurance and Control

Accurate, Reliable Drawings

ADG’s proven QA/QC program utilizes a proactive strategy to ensure that drawings and specifications are accurate, eliminating errors that could result in costly changes.

Budget Control

Strong Budget Overview and Management

ADG involves consultants, according to discipline, in developing conceptual budgets. Each discipline is responsible for monitoring their budget through the course of the project. ADG involves the entire team in the early stages of the project, thereby controlling design solutions as they develop.

Schedule Control

Coordinated Design Process

Schedule control is critical to a project’s success. After careful review of a project’s requirements, ADG develops a detailed project schedule. Schedules are then continually monitored and updated through regular team meetings and consistent communication among disciplines.


Advanced Modeling Software

ADG uses advanced computer-aided design and drafting systems in a fully networked office environment. We believe in creating flexible conditions for our client’s needs, while ensuring accurate and reliable data from predesign through construction administration. ADG is currently licensed and training all design staff on REVIT software.